Roof Insurance Claim Long Island NY

When wind, hail or other natural events damage your roof, we can help restore your peace of mind. We will provide a free review of damages and work with your insurance company so you can recover as quickly as possible.

At Conlon Exteriors, we offer our clients free roof inspections before they make a claim with their insurance company. The purpose is to help them know whether they actually have experienced storm damage. We can provide you with an honest evaluation of your roof to help you know whether filing a claim with your insurance company is a profitable action to take. Our Long Island, NY roofers are available to serve you and to make this process as simple as possible! Contact us today.


Our roofing experts have extensive experience helping customers like you through the claims process.

Below are some of the tips we offer for filing an insurance claim for storm damage:

  • Do not delay – Most insurance companies limit your time to file a claim
  • You cannot be singled out for a rate increase because of storm damage
  • Insurance restoration contractors can advocate on your behalf
  • Choose a quality roofer to repair the damage
  • Understand your rights

Filing a claim for storm damage can be very frustrating and complex. Your insurance company is there to make money and will try to deny your claim. Our team of roofers in Long Island, NY is available to represent you, as the homeowner. If disaster has struck your home, you need to get the committed care that we offer. We can help you get your property restored to its pre-storm condition!

Our roofing team is here to serve you and walk you through each step of the claims process, which include:

  1. Assess, record, and document the storm damage
  2. Contact our roofing company for a roof inspection
  3. Read your policy and contact the claims department at your insurance company
  4. Request an insurance adjuster inspection, with our roofer present
  5. If your claim is denied, you can meet with another insurance adjuster
  6. Once your claim is approved, you should receive payments from your insurance company
  7. Your roofer will repair the storm damage

24-Hour Emergency Repair from Conlon Exteriors

When you work with us, you can get unmatched customer service and the service that fits your needs. We offer emergency repairs 24 hours a day. We take emergency calls seriously and can help you develop an appropriate plan of action. Contact our roofers to take action today!

Emergency Roof Repair in Long island NY