Flat Roof Repair Long Island, NY

Flat Roof Repair Long Island, NY

Flat Roof Repair Long Island, NY

Want to know if you need restoration vs. replacement for your flat roof?

When it comes to your flat roof, whether it be the roof over your business or the roof over your home, we know that you need a roof that provides complete protection from Long Island, NY extreme weather conditions. Roof restoration systems (also known as roof coatings) do just that. Why shell out thousands or tens of thousands more for a full roof replacement, when the proper roof coating system will restore your roof to like-new, and in some cases better than like-new condition?

If you are considering the full replacement of your flat roof, we encourage you to explore the option of restoration and roof coatings. While providing the same refreshed function of a new roof, restoration is far less extensive and expensive than a full roof replacement. Full restoration and coating can renew your current roof without the expense, time and effort required for a full replacement.


Extend The Life Of Your Roof & Save On Cost

Restoration systems can extend the life of your current roof up to 15 years; that number can increase further with the proper coating system applied over the restoration roof.

With a significantly less amount of resources and time put into the project, restoration, and roof coating reduce your costs both now and in the future, as they extend roof life and reduce heat transfer to the interior of your building. You save on labor costs during initial installation and energy bills for years to come.

Tax Benefits For Commercial Buildings

Another benefit of flat roof restoration systems is how they have been classified by the IRS. As a business owner, you are aware of the tax responsibilities associated with owning a commercial building. Roof maintenance systems are fully tax deductible under your operating expenses as a business owner. This is in comparison to the fraction deducted from the expenses of full replacement.

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Now that you have discovered some of the benefits of roof restoration, it is time to contact our team to discuss how roof restoration can provide you with the results you need at a price you can afford. At Conlon Exteriors, we have over 19 years of experience in commercial roofing systems and we are prepared to provide you with the information you need in order to make the right decision!